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What's here?

This site is dedicated to providing Scentsy Consultants with a free copy of our Combining Spreadsheet. You will always find the most recent release here.

Due to our other business growing and the time it requires, we are no longer updating the spreadsheet. We really wish we had more time to make changes and keep the sheet updated. Maybe we can get back to it if things slow down here.

We have been asked several times to published the password used to protect the worksheets. We agree that some changes are needed and have decided to publish the password. You will need to download Release 3 (2012.01.03) to use the new password.

The password is: Scentsy

What do I need to use the spreadsheet?

You will need a copy of Excel 2007 or 2010 for Windows, Excel 2011 for Macs.

We recommend Excel 2010 for Windows and Excel 2011 for Macs.

Online Help

We encourage you to take an hour and invest it in reading the on-line help. It took us over 30 hours to put it together so I don't mind asking you to commit about an hour.

We have heard, and continue to hear from consultants that the online help was exactly what they needed in order to learn how to use the spreadsheet. When you first started your Scentsy business, you had to learn how to use the tools such as the workstation so you could enter your orders. Our spreadsheet is no different and requires a small investment of your time to learn how to use it. We know from first hand experience that the investment in learning how to combine and using our spreadsheet will pay off with huge dividends.

Please read the online help now or you can download and read a PDF version of the help.

Our spreadsheet is protected with a Digital Signature. By using a Digital Signature, the file is protected from someone trying to hack into the file and insert malicious code in the macros. Even though the file is protected with the Digital Signature, we ask that you not share the file with anyone. Instead, direct them to this site so they can be assured to have access to the most recent release.